Meet the Director

Originally from Germany, Mrs Heike Jordan – Busch has been a teacher in a private school in Marl, before opening her own Early Years Education and care service hippo’s friends in Botany in 1995. 

Mrs Jordan-Busch’ philosophy is strongly focused on integrity, balance and the rigorous pursuit of excellence. Mrs Jordan-Busch has an ambitious vision for building on these strengths and values to create a blueprint for the future.

Mrs Jordan-Busch holds a Master of Education from the University of Essen. She holds a Proficient Teacher Accreditation status by the NSW Education Standards Authority. 

Mrs Jordan-Busch is also the Educational Leader of the Service.

Her career in hippo’s friends’ education and care service has been built on a firm belief in the value of a balanced and expansive education which enables children not only to discover and polish their own talents, but also to admire the gifts of others and to embrace the value of service.

Mrs Jordan-Busch is married and the mother of four children.