What We Stand For

Our Policies

The National Quality Framework (NQF) ensures and encourages education and care services across Australia to aim for continuous improvement of the quality in each care and education setting.

The seven National Quality Standards (NQS) set criteria against which all early childhood education and care services are assessed to receive their quality rating.

The seven quality areas are:

1. Educational program and practice.
2. Children’s health and safety.
3. The physical environment.
4. Staffing arrangements.
5. Relationships with children.
6. Collaborative partnerships with families and communities.
7. Leadership and service management.

Hippo’s friends policies and procedures are built on these key seven areas.

More information about the NQF and NQS is available at http://acecqa.gov.au.

Hippo’s friends’ policies in these areas are available at the service. If you wish to view our policies, send an email to the team asking for a copy. 


The aim of our program is to support the children ‘s natural curiosity, eagerness to learn and their love of communication with others.

Hippo’s Friends’ learning environment is designed to provoke curiosity and to constantly challenge a child’s thinking.


Through inquiry and play, we engage children in learning from the very beginning of their education to develop:

  • a positive self-concept

  • an increasing understanding and knowledge of the world

  • emotional security

  • the freedom to have fun through exploration and social interactions

  • social awareness

  • friendship skills that instill trust, the ability to share, to cooperate and to develop positive relationships

  • language and communication skills (literacy)

  • intellectual skills, reasoning skills, problem-solving skills and the understanding of basic concepts

  • physical health through body awareness, sensory perception, and fine and gross motor skills

  • creativity through self-expression, language, music, drama and inquiry


We use the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), The  Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum (EYFS, UK) as well as the International Baccalaureate's Primary Years Program (PYP) Curriculum Framework to guide our approach to teaching and learning.

We educate children who are able to develop life-long skills that they can take and use both inside and outside the classroom. We support children’s efforts to construct meaning from the world around them.


Our Philosophy

We believe that each child’s uniqueness needs to be celebrated.

We believe that an exciting and stimulating program offers the best platform for a child’s learning

Our program is based on the children’s interests, input and ideas, so they attain the tools needed to support their developing confidence.

Our educators are passionate about the children’s learning and inspire them to strive for excellence.

We assess each child’s learning and development through discussions, daily observations, open questioning, work samples and our record of learning development.

We believe that the children need responsibilities and we have high and appropriate expectations of each child.

We offer them experiences through which they can grow and develop resilience.

We celebrate success and encourage the children to persist during challenging situations.

We believe that children need to learn to respect the ideas and opinions of others.

We do this by helping them to develop caring relationships with each other through explorations, discussions, stories, dramatic experiences and group work.

Our safe, comfortable and creative environment helps our children to extend their learning. 

We believe that nurturing trusting, strong relationships between children, families and carers are key to honouring each child’s individuality. We do this through our communication and collaboration with parents and the valuing of our partnerships with our families.

We believe that our children are part of a larger community that we all need to serve.

We foster this global mindedness by focusing on a variety of experiences, including incursions and excursions, to help our children to understand and appreciate their local area and the wider world.


Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is guided by both the Early Years Framework (EYLF) and the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (PYP) and the EYFS ( UK).

We aim to develop life-long skills that children can take and use both inside and outside the classroom, and support children’s efforts to construct meaning from the world around them. Learning experiences include carefully planned teaching in the areas of language and literature, music and movement, art and craft, dramatic play, science and Maths and sensory-motor activities.

Our investigations are supported with specialist programmes.

Our daily Fundamental Movements Programme works to improve children’s fine and gross motor movements.

It provides a sequential, developmental set of activities promoting skills that are transferable to other learning areas.


The Visual Arts are also entwined with other learning experiences.

Child-initiated interest allows them to not only make observational art responses but also to connect subject matter they are investigating, enabling cognitive and emotional involvement.

French classes are offered to our children each day. The teaching and learning of French focus on the communication skills of speaking and listening. Specialist Music sessions offer music, movement and drama from across the globe.

We provide children with a chance to explore musical activities, developing a sense of beat, rhythm and pitch.



Harnessing a child's natural curiosity and energy, our educational childcare program encourages each child to explore and discover their world. Through the power of play and inquiry, children discover the letters, numbers, words and counting that form the foundations of literacy and numeracy.

The Centre's facilities include:

  • Outdoor play areas with soft fall areas and a large variety of natural elements

  • Open play areas offering quiet spaces

  • Sandpits

  • Age appropriate climbing and play equipment

  • Large natural grass areas


The carefully selected equipment allows children to run, play, dance and explore their world and potential.



A healthy and nutritious menu has been designed for growing, active children and is supplied by the service. Food is included in the daily cost.